Field Trip Oct 15th

Photo Field Trip to the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum
in Hamburg, PA

Saturday October 15th leaving at 8:30 AM

We will be returning to the Reading Railroad Museum in Hamburg, PA on Saturday, October 15th. We last visited the museum five years ago.  The railroad museum has a variety of about 70 pieces of rolling stock ranging from freight cars, SEPTA passenger cars, regular passenger cars and locomotives.  There is a separate shooting fee charged for this location that will be divided among those going to the site.

We will leave from the Giant Grocery Store in Camp Hill at 8:30.  Please park on the Arby's side of the lot, this is our usual location for carpooling.  It is an hour and fifteen minutes to get there and we should arrive as the museum opens.  We will photograph from 10:00-12 Noon; take an hour for lunch in Hamburg and return to shoot from 1:00 - 3:00.  We should be back at the Giant by 4:30.  For those of you on the East Shore we will meet you at Holiday Inn off the Manada Hill exit #80 off I-81 or you can go on your own.  I will need to know if we are stopping at the Holiday Inn, otherwise we will not stop, but go directly to the museum.

The Imprrhmlogoortant Stuff:

The trip will be restricted to the first 16 people who sign-up.  You must be a member of the HCC to go. We are limited on the number of people we can take into the train yard.  The Museum has a policy that every group of eight photographers most have a docent (member of the museum staff) with them.  We are restricted to two docents, thus only 16 members.  There is also a photograph fee to photograph in the yard.  This fee is $20.00/hour for groups of 10 or less, $30.00/hour for groups of 11-20.  Don't ask me why the breakdown between the number of photographers/docent and costs don't match because I don't know.
Here is the photo policy from the Reading Railroad Museum. "Photography is permitted for personal use only.  Any public/commercial use of the photographs requires a written release from the Director of Museum Operations.  Groups shall not exceed eight people per docent.  Photographers getting on equipment need to sign a waiver.  We will only open one example of a car or locomotive.  Additional fees apply - $20/hr. groups of 1-10, $30/hr groups of 11-20 people". 

I will need a final list of the members who are going by Thursday October 13th so I can e-mail that list to the Director of Museum Operations.  They need the list to schedule the docents.  Do not call!   To sign-up e-mail me at to get on the list.  Remember this is a first come, first served list.

What to bring:
Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  You will probably be walking on large stones, rails and railroad ties.  Please bring extra batteries, water, a wide angle lens as well as a macro lens, extra memory cards, a tripod, polarizing filter and maybe a flash to fill in shadows.  At least $20.00 for shooting fees; lunch money and cash for your driver if you plan to car pool.

Field trip leader is Randal Lathrop.

To sign up or for more info e-mail Randal Lathrop at: