Mid-January 2016


Meeting  this Tuesday Night January 19th - Digital review 7:00


Upcoming HCC Schedule of Events:

January 19th                Tuesday           Digital Image Review & Critique                                Large room      7:00

February 2nd               Tuesday           Print Competition & Critique                                      Large room      7:00

February 16th              Tuesday           Educational Meeting (Computer)                                Large room      7:00

February 17th           Wednesday    Digital Uploads Due                                                 Midnight


We have confirmed our keynote speaker for the "Light and Creativity" photography workshop on April 9th.  He is Parish Kohanim, a Canon Explorer of Light.  Here is a link to his website: http://parishkohanim.com/

Our other two speakers are Denise Silva http://denisesilvaphotography.com/ who will cover technical issues in Photoshop and Lightroom and

Ivan Rothman http://www.ivanrothman.com/Wildlife_photography/Homepage.html who will discuss travel and wildlife photography.


We are going to have a field trip on January 30th.  We will be going to the Schmucker Gallery at Gettysburg College to see the exhibition of Paul Strand's and Manuel Alvarez Bravo's Mexican photographic prints and then to the Gettysburg Battlefield for Winter photography.  We will be leaving Camp Hill at 1:00 to see the exhibition at about 2:00, then to the battlefield.  Sunset is at 5:12.  If the weather is good expect a return time in Camp Hill around 6:30.


The executive committee is looking for volunteers from the HCC membership to work on the nomination committee for the up-coming elections in April.  We have an immediate need  for a Publicity Chairperson to help with the "Light and Creativity" workshop.  The executive committee is also looking for additional members to help with the workshop.  We have a lot going down in April and May and they are much closer than you think if you consider just three months ago we had the Kick-off meeting.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.