Program On Digital Abstract Photography

This program, presented by R. Andrew Hoff on Tuesday night July 20th starting at 7:15 in the  Giant grocery stores community room, will concentrate on making abstract photographs with your digital camera. If you have heard Andrew speak before, he was not fond of digital cameras. Well, he finally acquiesced and bought, not one but, two digital cameras. He has a Canon G-10 high-end point & shoot and a Canon SX20 IS consumer brand point & shoot. He is using these two cameras to expand his creative horizons into the world of abstract photography that he has not had access to before. Each camera has different advantages over the other.

This PowerPoint program will feature his new abstract work and his current portfolio of prints. These two digital cameras have opened a new level of photographic expression that was difficult to do with the film cameras. He will explain his concepts of thinking in abstract design and how he makes the images through the camera controls and movement. He does not use photo-shop to manipulate the final product; it is all done in camera. This 225-image program presents images made through different camera movements of pans and swings, vertical and horizontal movements, by subject movement with long exposures and through the use of the macro setting.  Many of the abstract images featured have come from flowers and unusual subject material. This  presentation is one of the Harrisburg Camera Club’s continuing educational programs that are open to its membership and the public.


HCC Editor's Note: Andy Hoff has graciously provided his notes as a training tool for our use. (12-20-2010) Digital Abstract Photography Program Notes