November 3rd Meeting

Next Harrisburg Camera Club Meeting

Tuesday November 3rd at 7:00


Members SHOW and SHARE Educational Meeting

Images Taken by Harrisburg Camera Club Members


Time is running out to prepare your images for the Show and Share meeting coming up on Tuesday November 3rd.  We will be meeting in the cooking school room on the ground floor of the Giant across from the stairway to the second floor.

This meeting is to show and share with the members of the club, photos you have taken over the last year. Because of the limited number of photos that we can show during the competitive year, this is your chance to share with members of the club, photos you have taken and to get feed back about them.  Bring vacation photos, landscape, people, abstract photos, photos taken on our two field trips or photos that you are working on as a project. You can get feedback about them at the meeting.  Please show us the photos that you have taken that you have not shown during our competitions.

This meeting is, in reality, an educational meeting on how photographic opportunities are rendered.  This is a chance for membership to see the expanded portfolio of the HCC members.  If time permits, you can question the maker on how the image was made and or modified.

  • If you want to show and share your best or most interesting images taken recently with the members of the camera club, please place your images on a flash drive or CD and bring it with you to the meeting.
  • Please title the file: “2015 November HCC Show and Share”.   This way we can find the file quickly.  We expect you to have all you your images under one file name.
  • Please; all images needed to be reduced to the following parameters: Maximum length on the longest side 1920 pixels as a baseline jpeg.  Just like the camera club competition file size.
  • Previous Show & Share’s have had an issue with downloading exceeding large files from flash drives or CD's into the computer.  Please try to keep each of your images under 3MB.   
  • We will load each members file into his computer and we expect the maker to be present.  Each member will have about 6 minutes to present and comment on their images.  You, as the presenter, have the option of commenting about your work.   We expect you to answer questions about your work, if asked.  Unlike last August's meeting, when we were squeezed for time at the end, there will be a set cut off time for each presenter.
  • If you have the skill, a Powerpoint file would be best and if you’re fancy or have the software available you may add music within the file as part of your presentation.

The time allotment is based on the number of presenters and divided by the time available.  Less presenters more time, more presenters less time.  This is a great opportunity for you to show your work to the other members of the club without the constraints of competition.  For those that are not showing, you have an opportunity to see more of our member's work and understand their visual philosophy.