Message from the President – Proposed Agenda for 2011-2012 and beyond

As I enter into the first full year as President of the Harrisburg Camera Club I am proposing to set specific goals for 2011-2012 year and for the future of the club.  The schedule for the year is already done and approved by the Giant meeting planner.  Again, these are items as President, which I am pushing.  These are ambitious programs and I will need more interaction by members of the club to complete them.  Many of these items still need to be reviewed and revised via our club's structure by going through the Executive Committee, just like any other structured form of a governing body.  In no particular order here is what I am proposing.



I want to get more photographers out in the field to learn and to do this I propose more fieldtrips this first half of the year.  Starting possible in late August through November.

Possible locations include: South Mt. Restoration Facilities abandoned TB ward near Mt. Alto PA in August; Reading Heritage RR Museum in Hamburg PA in early September; Old Bedford Village and the Bedford Springs Hotel in late September; an old working Grist Mill, interior and exterior and covered bridges near Chambersburg in early October; the Gettysburg Battlefield in late October and the big one a one night or two night stay in Fredericksburg Virginia to photograph the town and it's surrounding three battlefields over Veterans Day weekend.  I have found that these trips build camaraderie among the members and can be used as a vehicle to help your photograph through hands-on field instruction.  To pull off this weekend trip I will need help from members of the club to coordinate accommodations and car pooling.  



I plan to increase the educational programs starting almost immediately with educational programs in July and August given by nationally know photographer Matthew Murray and by Tom Wenger respectively.  October will have two educational meetings and during the winter months educational meetings will emphasis computer instruction.

Special Events:

Outside of the guest speaker at our Kick-off meeting I am proposing two Special All Day Saturday Seminars at our normal meeting location.  One is in November and the other in February.  We will bring guest speakers in from DC, New York or Philadelphia to speak on a variety of different topics to the members.  This will take help from the members to make them successful.  These speakers are not cheap, so these seminars will have additional member’s participation fees.


I plan to de-emphasis competitions and increase the quality of the judging.  First there will be only three competitions of two images each; yes only six images for the whole year.  In each of these competitions images will be judged by two photographers outside of the Harrisburg area.  Most likely in DC/Northern Virginia, New York City, by PSA or in New England.  They will have two weeks to score and critique the images, not an hour to 90 minutes like the current system.  Point scaling will be expanded to 4-20 per judge with specific pts. given for certain criteria accomplished.  They will be required to give written comments.  We will still keep the Prints of the Year and Image of the Year competitions.


I am proposing to modify the current system to three classifications within the club:  Novice/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced/Elite.  This system may even the playing field for all photographers

Two Show and Share Evenings:

With the increase in fieldtrips and opportunities there is no reason why these evenings to share your fieldtrip images should fail.  One is scheduled for late November and the other in early May.

Print Critiques:

The only changes planned for them are eliminating Saturday critiques.

Redesign of the Year-end Awards:

This can be done by a special members group.

Banquet Site and Menu Done by Christmas:

Again, this can be done by the membership through a committee.

Get the Audit Done:

I've already moved on that and have found stumbling blocks for an independent audit.

Exhibition Site for 2011-12

Get the exhibition committee to have more participants and get a start for this season. Try to have two exhibitions this season.

Portfolio Competition:

This was not my idea, it came from Steve Bootay, but I whole-heartily endorse it.  The idea is to have members concentrate on one subject of their choosing.  They have two years to complete the project.  Believe me that this one project that will most certainly make those members who participate work, think and photograph on a higher level when they are done.  It will teach cohesion and editing in your work and is a serious undertaking. It will for most photographers take two years to refine.  I think, from experience, the participants that stretch their thinking and skills will find this project the most gratifying work that they have done.  At the end of May 2013 the participants will submit 10 strong and cohesive images that embrace their theme and artist statement.  This will be judged by photographers outside the club area.

Bylaw Changes:

If we make changes in how we do things that ugly word of bylaw changes has to come up.  Unfortunately that is one of the evils of change.  So we will need help with the changes in the bylaws from members of the club, not just the executive committee.

You May Get a Phone Call:

As president I want to talk and get to know every member of the club this summer.  Expect a call from me.

My Ultimate Goal for the Club:

In closing, my goal as president of the HCC, is to have every member photographing better and at a higher level then last May.  I need your cooperation and your willingness to step beyond your current ability and increase your expectations.  I will need the members to set goals for themselves and I will need them to participate within the club to learn.  I expect an increased participation from members of the club so we can achieve the goals set above.

Thank you,

Andy Hoff - President