Meeting Feb 2nd

Important Information for
Upcoming Printed Image Competition

The next Printed Image Competition is Feb. 2nd, 2016 at the Giant Store in Camp Hill at the regular meeting.

Printed Image Competition changes for 2015-2016:

1.  Images submitted to past competitions are not allowed.  This includes any image submitted for digital competitions.
2.  Request all competitors upload a JPEG of their print to the club's new image upload website:  There are separate competition folders for Color and Monochrome.

  • Members are asked to upload a JPEG of their printed images for competition.  "Competitions" have been created on the upload web site for this purpose.
  • These "competitions" are for displaying image scores only.  Your JPEG image is a place holder used to maintain the scores for printed image competitions.
  • This place holder allows members to see the competition images and their scores.

3.  Bring a submission form for each image submitted with the following information.  Click here to download the form (as JPEG).

Printed image competitions are still judged at club meetings.  Be sure to bring your matted printed image and submission form to the meeting to be judged and scored.  Comments will be provided at the club meeting when the image is judged/scored.

Randal Lathrop
VP, Harrisburg Camera Club