Meeting Feb 21st

February 2017 Print Competition

The Printed Image Competition Uploads are due on February 20th 11:59PM.  

The Competition Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 21st.

Judges are Mike Donovan and Don Giles

Printed Image Competition Guidelines 2016-17

1  Members may submit 1 printed image in each category:  Color and Monochromatic (1 color, but many shades of that color.  Examples:  Black and white, Sepia toned, cyan, cream)

2.  Upload a JPEG to the club's image upload website:

There are separate competition folders:  one for Color and one for Monochrome.

Please note that the print and digital image upload sizes are different.

Print Image Upload Size: 2560 x 1700, max. file size is 4 MB.

4.  Bring a form to submit with each image.  Fill out the top part of the form: Date, Category, and your Name.  Fold it so your name is not visible and put it on the table below your image.


Click here to download the form (as JPEG). 


Images printed on canvas or metal are permitted

Not Accepted

Images not mounted on a backing board

Images submitted to past digital or print competitions

Less than 80 square inches (i.e. – 8” x 10”)

Larger than matted Size  of 40” x 32”

Framed or under glass

Triptychs or anything other than a single frame print


Printed Image Competition Scoring

  • 30 points awarded per image, per category, in each competition
    • 4 points for technical skill
    • 4 points for composition
    • 4 points for artistry
    • 8 points for image transcendence / wow factor
    • 10 points for presentation


If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please contact me.

Irene VanBuskirk

VP, Harrisburg Camera Club