Mar 7th Meeting

March 7th Meeting

On March 7, attorney Kelley Clements Keller, Esq., will present “BUSINESS & LEGAL EDUCATION FOR CREATIVE & DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURS” at our regular club meeting.

Not all of us are in business, but we all have questions about the legality issues that we continually face as photographers. Keller will address copyright and personal property issues and is willing to tailor her presentation to our interests.

Please send me ( a list of topics that you would like her to address. I will compile the list and send them to her by February 7th.
NOTE: When you click on the link for the vice-president (Irene) email you may see (Randal) in the address. Even when it shows Randal's name, the email will be sent to me, Irene, not Randal.
The meeting is 7pm at the Giant Community Center. For more information on Ms. Keller, visit her website,

I heard Ms. Keller speak to a small group of photographers. She understands theissues facing photographers in this digital age as well as the responsibilities and rights of photographers. I hope you find her presentation as informative as I did.

Irene VanBuskirk
Vice-president, Harrisburg Camera Club