Important Dates

Saturday, January 6 from 10-12 AM

Intake of prints for the HCC EXHIBIT. George Rhyne will  be at CALC to receive and register your photos. All club members are encouraged to exhibit. The limit will be two pictures per person.

If you cannot make this time slot, you may have someone else bring your photo or make some other arrangements with George Rhyne The Exhibit will run from January 12 through February 3.

The Photo Exhibit Submission Form can be found on the HCC web site under the MEMBERS SECTION - EXHIBIT GUIDELINES/FORMS

Tuesday January 9th, 7-9pm

Harrisburg Camera Club photographer Andrew Hoff will present his program Calculated Composition – From Basic to Advanced Concepts. This 70-minute program will concentrate on the photographic concepts of composition and ways to improve your compositions in Photoshop. Giant Community Room, 3300 Trindle Rd, Camp Hill. The meeting is free and open to the public. For more information,

Wednesday January 10th by 12 Midnight

Digital Image Uploads are due for the January 23rd Image Competition. Directions for image upload can be found on the HCC web site under Digital Image Guidelines.
Any questions can be directed to Rich Harrison or Irene VanBuskirk vicepresident@harrisburgcameraclub.orgThe judge will be Tom Wenger.

January 23rd

Digital Image Competition Meeting.