HCC Kickoff meeting – Great Program!

fine art photographer Bert G F Shankman Fine Art photographer Bert G F Shankman shared his time and talents with the club on Tuesday night (Sept 28th).   It was full house and by the exiting comments it was a resounding success for our club kickoff program for the new year.  Bert shared some outstanding images both projected and from his portfolio with those in attendance.  He stated that he tends to be nervous at the onset of his talks but there was no sign of it as he spoke to the audience.   Stay tuned for an online video of Bert's program which was entitled "Expressionist Interpretations".   We hope to get it posted to the site soon.  Thanks to Bert and all those who attended!

Addendum added 10/5: Bert Shankman has provided us with a list of resources he is currently using when he creates his finished pieces. Click on the following link to download and open a word doc that includes this information: Bert Shankman-Resources Used