Gallery Exhibition Featuring Club Members

The Lens Hoods
Exhibit at Gallery@2nd
Irene Van Buskirk- John Wright - Karen Commings

HARRISBURG: Gallery at Second, a fine art gallery located at 608 North Second Street, Harrisburg, is proud to host a reception for its latest exhibitions on Friday, October 16 from 6 to 9 p.m. The gallery is hosting this group exhibition of these artists known as “The LENS HOODS” from October 8 through November 14, 2015.

Irene VanBuskirk is a new face in the photography field. She began sharing her work two years ago. Her horses and the countryside around her Perry County home were the initial inspirations for her photography, and the landscapes of Perry County continue to be a thread in her collections. She is attracted to the geometry and patterns of structures as well as capturing impressionistic images. Small towns in the central Pennsylvania area have been frequent locations for her photography. She enjoys capturing the elements in everyday life as artistic forms. Rather than portraiture, most of the people in her photographs represent the human element in the environment.

Pennsylvania artist Karen Commings has been photographing alleys in various locations for about two years. For this exhibit, she’s focused on the urban environment here in central Pennsylvania. My photographs are what Karen calls “The Long View.” They are photographs down the lengths of alleys with buildings on either or both sides. When photographing, she has often waited for long periods of time, even in the rain, in hopes of capturing that solitary figure walking by in the distance, providing artistic context and contrast to the immensity of the structures around them. Karen then processes her photos in such a way as to give them a heightened reality or surreal feel, bringing out detail and color that often go unnoticed to the naked eye.

Artist John Wrights artistic quest can be summed-up as thus, “looking for the message and meaning behind the image.” As an artist and photographer, John uses a Formalist approach in seeking images that speak their own stories and convey their past to the present. John beleieves that forms shapes, texture, colors and patterns are the visual language of nature that we as individuals interpret for ourselves, but the image still holds to an underlying truth. Over the last five years, both in his business and on a personal level, he has invested the time to concentrate on presenting his view of photographic images as fine art.

This reception coincides with October’s “3rd in the Burg” and is free and open to the public with refreshments, food and live music provided by Jonathan Frazier.

Visit the website to hear each photographer discuss their work.