Field Trips

February 11th Field Trip to Ricketts Glen

This field trip has been cancelled due to lack of cooperation from Mother Nature.

The plan for this field trip was to photograph the waterfalls at Ricketts Glen in their frozen state.  Alas, the weather has not been cold enough for a long period of time to freeze the waterfalls.

February 18th Field Trip to Concrete City / Centralia

The following weekend is a day trip to Concrete City and Centralia.  This field trip will depart the parking lot at the Giant store in Camp Hill near Arbys.  The departure time for the field trip is 7am.  We plan to arrive back in Camp Hill by 7pm.

The first stop will be at Concrete City.  This is an abandoned tract housing project for the railroad lines in the early 1900's.  It was abandoned in 1924.  The buildings still stand.


Concrete City:  Wikipedia page on Concrete City

Google Image search for Concrete City

Afterwards, the group will travel to Centralia.  Centralia is a mining town that has since been abandoned due to an underground coal fire that has been burning since 1962.  As of 2013, seven residents remain.


Centralia, PA:  Wikipedia page on Centralia, PA, Centralia Web sites:,

Google Image Search for Centralia, PA