Field Trip Oct 23rd

HCC Field Trip to

North of Holtwood in Lancaster County

Leaving Camp Hill at 1:00 PM


The Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve in Lancaster County is a forested ravine encompassing the area along Tucquan Creek.  This preserve feature the Tucquan Creek, cascades, woods and rhododendron forest.  The upper two-thirds of the glen are beautiful and peaceful and the lower third is wild and rugged with cascades of water rushing down to the Susquehanna River. The north and south side trails are canopied with hemlock trees, deciduous trees, and rhododendron that follow Tucquan Creek from River Road to the Susquehanna River.  This pristine environment is similar to the Tumbling Run in Pine Grove S.P.; but unlike Tumbling Run, the stream is much larger and wider with a gentle elevation change until you get closer to the Susquehanna River where the creek is filled with large boulders and a steep elevation drop.  Sunset is about 6:20, but it will be getting darker earlier in the woods.  We should be returning to Camp Hill no later than 8:00 PM.

This trip is schedule for fall color. We will carpool from the Giant Grocery Store parking lot next to Arby’s and Rt.15 on Sunday October 23rd, leaving at 1:00.  We will head down I-83 past York and then take Rt. 74 down to Rt. 372 going east over the Susquehanna River.  After crossing the river we head north up River Rd. for a short period.  The drive is about 60 mi., but will take about 1hr. and 20 min.  Sunset is listed at 6:15 and since we will be in the woods, expect it to be dark earlier than 6:15.  We should have about a solid 3+ hrs to photograph in the preserve.

To photograph here I would strongly suggest wearing substantial shoes and dressing for the weather and temperatures.  You may want a second pair of shunnamed-1oes for the ride home if you plan to stand in the creek or accidently get your feet wet.  What else should you bring: water, a fully charged battery, extra batteries, extra digital cards, a tripod, possibly a flash for fill flash and/or reflector to throw additional light in dark places, a longer lens and/or a wide angle, a polarizer for cutting glare and reflections and gas money for your driver.

See you on Sunday at 1:00.

Trip Leader - Andrew Hoff  -