Field Trip

Photography Field Trip
Saturday March 19th
Leaving Camp Hill at 7:00
for the J & D Salvage Yard near Mt. Hope Estate

I have made arrangements for the club to photograph at the J&D Auto Salvage Yard just off the Rt.72 exit of the turnpike, just north of Mt. Hope Estate and Winery. This is a trip that has a lot of promise. We have not gone to a salvage yard as a club before. The salvage yard opens at 8 AM and closes at 12 Noon. We will meet and carpool from the Camp Hill Giant at 7:00 sharp. We will not wait if you are late! We need to be at the salvage yard by 7:55. If you are going directly to J&D Auto Salvage on your own you need to be there by 7:55. Sunrise is at 7:11, so we should have soft light for a while. We will be there for four hours and will leave the yard and return to Camp Hill when it closes at Noon. I will take a count of those that plan to go at the meeting Tuesday night the 15th, because the owners would like an estimate of how many photographers will be there. We can talk about the fieldtrip experience at the Central Penn reception that night.

What should you bring:
Water, a fully charged battery, extra batteries, extra digital cards, comfortable shoes, a tripod, a long lens for compression and details and/or a wide angle lens and don't forget a macro for extreme details. Possibly a ladder or stool for getting up higher, a reflector and flash for filling in shadow areas, gas and toll money for your driver.