Discoveries from The Glass Eye #1

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Highlighting specific photographers and exhibitions.

Who is Jane Bown (1925- )? It's best to let her tell her own story . . . .

You may not have heard of Jane Bown before today but in the UK she is remembered as the longest serving photojournalist of The Observer. And though you may not know her you may know her iconic photographs of Samuel Beckett, Francis Bacon Mick Jagger and many others. If you saw the accompanying video you also know she is clearly drawn to the faces of her subjects.

At 85 Jane Bown is one of the most well respected photojournalists/portrait photographers in the world. She was able to capture, using only the available light and what is now a forty year old camera, pictures most of us continue to strive for. And when you realize she did this while only taking a few minutes of her subject's time (she was known for working quickly) her pictures become more amazing. She captures her artist without projecting her own image of who the subject is or ought to be.

Here are a couple of additional links for your Jane Bown viewing pleasure

By way of photography expositions and conferences this may be a bit late but on October 28th-30th the PhotoPlus expo will be held in NY.

Silver Eye Center for Photography: Spectra 09/07 - 11/13-2010

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