Digital Image Competition Nov 28th

The first Digital Image Competition is Tuesday, November 28th.  

The Image Upload is due by Wednesday, November 15th.


Go the the HCC site ( under the Members Section to find Competition Image Upload. 
The guidelines for uploading an image are under Competition Guidelines .  They are also written below.

Digital Image Guidelines

Submit one image to the club website by using the Members Section | Competition Image Upload menu selection (select image and apply a title and submit)

Image requirements:  Images must be jpeg images with the longest side less than or equal to 1920 pixels.  The file size limitation is 8 megabytes.  The file should be exported in the RGB color space for web viewing.

The deadline is 11:59 PM on the upload due date and the uploaded image may be changed until this time

Digital images may be color or monochromatic

The image must be one that has not been previously used in a competition


Digital Image Competition Scoring

The top ten images will receive a score of 1 through 10, 1 being the best of the top ten, and 10 being the bottom of the top ten.  ALL remaining images are to receive a score of 12.