Diane Peresie’s Project


Harrisburg Camera Club member, Diane Peresie and her project photographing feral cats, are featured online at the PetRadioShow website. “When I turned 80 years old, I went into a complete “now what?” mode about everything, including my photography," said Diane,  "I had very serious photo equipment, I had gone to workshops, I had taken photos of people, events, flowers, scenery and architecture.  I had way too many framed photos stuffed in closets at a time when I was trying to get rid of stuff and I had no desire at this time of my life to even consider a business….so, now what? One day while cruising the internet, I read about a photographer in Baltimore who was photographing feral cat colonies for a local TNR group.  Light bulbs went flashing in my head!  THIS is what I wanted to do.”

Read Diane's story at http://petradioshow.com/at-80-years-old-she-started-photographing-feral-cats-and-its-amazing/