Dec 20th Digital Competition


December 2016 Digital Competition

Don't forget to submit your Digital Image for the Competition!
Digital Image Competition Upload Date - Wednesday, December 7th at 11:59 PM.
Digital Image Competition Meeting is December 20th

Digital Image Competition notes:
1.  The competition folder has been created on the club's new image upload website:
2.  Image submission deadline is 12/7//2016 @ 11:59PM.
3.  Image size limits:  2560x1700, max. file size is 4 MB.
4.  The website has excellent tutorials for exporting your images as JPEGs.  Also there are plenty videos online explaining the process.

Digital Image Competition Scoring

  • 60 points awarded per image in each competition
    • 10 points for technical skill
    • 10 points for composition
    • 10 points for artistry
    • 30 points for image transcendence / wow factor