CALC Exhibit January


The Harrisburg Camera Club's Exhibit at the Carlisle Arts and Learning Center (CALC)


The Harrisburg Camera Club will have its first exhibition of the 2017-2018 at the Carlisle Arts and Learning Center (CALC), 38 West Pomfret Street, Carlisle, Pa.

The exhibit will run from January 12 through February 3. All club members are encouraged to exhibit.
The limit will be two pictures per person.
The intake will occur on Saturday, January 6 from 10-12 AM. George Rhyne will  be on hand to receive and register your photos.

If you cannot make this time slot, you have two options:
1. have someone else bring your photo
2. bring your picture to George at the Dec. 19club meeting.

Photos must be framed and ready to hang. Saw tooth hangers and “glass and clip” framing are not acceptable. The artist must assign a sales price or indicate that it is not for sale (NFS). Remember that CALC will collect and remit sales taxes. It will retain a 35% commission, so take this into account when pricing your work.

CALC takes every precaution to safeguard works, but it has limited insurance and cannot be responsible for loss or damage to the works.

The club will assess $5 per picture. Please write a check for this amount to HCC - cash is not accepted.  This will be used as our contribution to CALC for food and beverages.

The exhibit will be taken down Saturday, February 3. You may pick up you art between 10-12 AM.