Tonight’s Star Trail Shoot Canceled

Shooting Star Trails
at Children's Lake, Boiling Springs, PA
July 6th, 2017

UPDATE: Tonight's (July 6th) photo shoot
POSTPONED due to weather (see below)

The star trail photo shoot for July 6th is POSTPONED because of weather.

Tomorrow night may be an option, but the weather doesn't look promising in the evening. The best nights appear to be Saturday and Sunday.

If you did not attend the training session on June 29th, but want to come out and shoot star trails, please email Andy Hayter ( and let him know that you want to participate.

Andy Hayter will be covering these nights (in my absence) and will send an email whether the shoot will take place on Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  The decision to photograph will be made @ 8:30pm each day, so keep checking your emails. An email will be sent IF AND ONLY IF the weather conditions are favorable to capture star trails. If you don't receive an email, you can assume the photo shoot for that evening is cancelled. Keep checking your email through the weekend.

If there is not an opportunity during the July full moon, we will re-attempt in August.