Feb 4th Field Trip

Harrisburg Camera Club
Field Trip to
New York City, NY
Feb. 4th, 2017

The Harrisburg Camera Club is taking a photography field trip to New York City.  This field trip will provide members an opportunity to try their hand at street and architectural photography.  The light in the winter should be spectacular for street and architectural photography.

If you plan to go on this trip and have artwork on display at CALC, please make arrangements with George Rhyne for someone to pick up your images on Feb. 4th, between 10am - 3pm.

We are offering two itineraries (one day, vs overnight trip)

One Day Field Trip
We will be traveling to New York City on Feb. 4th, 2017 leaving at 6:30am.  We will be carpooling from our usual location - the Giant Grocery Store parking lot next to Arby’s and Route 15.  The trip takes approx. 3 hours to get to the Park and Ride lot.  From there we will take the bus into New York City.  The cost for the round-trip bus ride is $9.00.  We will depart New York City from the bus terminal at 6:00pm.  We should arrive back in Camp Hill by 10:00pm.

For those wishing to take the Amtrak train from Harrisburg to New York City, here are the details:
    Harrisburg to New York City
        1. departs Harrisburg @ 7:20am, arrives at Penn Station, NYC @ 10:49am - cost $59.00
    New York City to Harrisburg
        1. departs Penn Station @ 4:05pm, arrives in Harrisburg @ 8:45pm - cost $59.00, or
        2. departs Penn Station @ 7:53pm, arrives in Harrisburg @ 11:30pm - cost $59.00

Randal Lathrop is coordinating the one day trip to New York City.  Send an email to president@harrisburgcameraclub.org if you are going on the one-day trip to New York City.

Overnight Trip
Irene Vanbuskirk is coordinating the overnight field trip.  Send an email to vicepresident@harrisburgcameraclub.org if you're interested in spending the night in New York City, and returning to Harrisburg on Sunday.

This trip usually incurs plenty of walking, so you may want to consider traveling lighter than normal.  

What to Bring
Warm weather clothing, jacket, gloves, hat, water, cell phone (fully charged), fully charged camera batteries and digital memory cards, comfortable shoes, a longer lens and/or a wide angle lens, and gas money to cover personal expenses and gas for your driver.

The extended 10-day forecast for New York City is:  partly sunny, high of 38 degrees.