Field Trip July 17th

Sunflower Field Photography Fieldtrip

at the Sunflower fields in Poolesville, MD

at the 

Mckee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area

Sunday July 17th at 3:00 PM


imageThis is one of the most popular and well-attended field trips the Harrisburg Camera Club takes.  This year we are traveling two months earlier than normal and going to a different location.  We will be going to the commercially grown sunflower fields at the Mckee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area near Poolesville, Maryland.  We will travel down Rt.15 to I-270 then head towards Washington D.C. and get off I-270 at the Barnesville Exit (maps provided).  It is about an hour and a three-quarters from our meeting location at the Camp Hill Giant.

We will be car pooling from our usual location on the Arby’s side of the Camp Hill Giant Grocery Store, at 3:00 PM in the afternoon.

For those closer to Carlisle, there is an alternate starting place in Carlisle (parking lot across from Pizza Hut near Lowes) for those south of Camp Hill.  Departure time is still 3:00 PM.  Contact Randal Lathrop if you plan to leave from Carlisle.

Here is a link to the site

 We plan to leave Camp Hill at 3:00 and arrive at about 5:45 which should give us 3 hours to photograph the fields since sunset is around 8:30.  Expect to return at about 10:00 or later. We will need to car pool.  The sunflowers should be in full bloom when we get there and expect to see bees and butGetAttachment-2.aspxterflies on the sunflowers. At this site you can use all of your lenses.  For insects you may want to bring a macro lens.  A long lens is also useful for compressing distance.  This location is very good for those photographers that have short telephotos or wide angle lens.  The soil in the sunflower fields is river silt and it is a reddish clay.  If it is damp it will stick to your shoes.  There are no buildings here and very few, if any power lines.  There is a parking lot so having cars in the photo will not be an issue.  Your trip leader is Andrew Hoff.


What to bring:  Extra digital cards, extra batteries, polarizing filter, a reflector or white foamcore, black foamcore, an umbrella that is translucent white or solid white if you have one, flash unit, tripod, a tripod clamp, comfortable shoes, long pants, a ladder to photograph from above and drinking water.  We will hold this field trip unless we are looking at an all day rain event.