Print of the Year Competition Apr 26

Printed Image of the Year Competition
April 26th, 2016

The Printed Image of the Year Competition is being help April 26th, 2016 at Giant in Camp Hill at 7pm.  This is the last image competition of the club calendar year.

Who is Eligible? Any paid-in-full member of the Harrisburg Camera Club is eligible.

What Prints am I allowed to enter? You may enter any print that has not been entered in a previous Print Of the Year Competition or in a digital image competition during 2015-2016..  Prints that have been critiqued in the Camera Club’s open forum are eligible.Please have all prints in place and ready for judging by 7:15pm.  If you are entering the competition please be there early!  Images will not be accepted after 7:15pm.

Competition Guidelines

Upload a JPEG copy of your printed image to  This is for display purposes only.

Remember to bring your printed image to the meeting to have it judged and scored.

Print out, complete and bring the following form to the meeting along with your image.

Click here to download the form (JPEG image).

One color print and one monochromatic print per paid member. 

1. For Images printed on photo paper
  a. Prints must be single or double-matted.
  b. Minimum IMAGE size is 5"x7".  Minimum MAT size is 8”x10” - or 80 sq. inches.
  c. Maximum MAT size is 40”x32”.
  d. No restriction on mat colors.

2. The Images must be mounted to a backer board (mat board, foam core, etc.).

3. For Images that are printed on canvas or metal
  a. Minimum size is 8”x10” - or 80 sq. inches.
  b. Maximum size is 40”x32”.


5. Scoring - each judge scores on the criteria below
  a. The scoring is the same as with digital image competitions
    i. Technical – 1-4 points awarded for technical skill
    ii. Composition – 1-4 points awarded for image composition
    iii. Artistic – 1-4 points awarded for image artistry
    iv. Image Transcendence – 1-8 points awarded for image transcendence, wow
  b. An additional scoring category has been added for prints only
    v. Presentation – 1-10 points awarded for image presentation
  c. A Maximum of 30 points awarded per judge

Any questions contact Randal Lathrop at